Book Review: Darkness, Tell us by: Richard Laymon

At an end-of-term college party, six students come across a Ouija board. When a spirit called Butler tells them of a fortune hidden in the mountains, they head off on a two-day hike into the wilderness, where any danger may lie in wait to cut and slice and tear them limb from limb.

Wow. Where do I start? Knowing that Laymon can not write a bad book, I was well aware I would be getting a treat when I read this. However, I was not expecting it to be as fantastic as it turned out to be. Nor, did I assume there would be as many curveballs and twists thrown in for good measure.

The book begins with the 6 students, consisting of, Howard(the book's lead), Angela, Lana, Keith, Glen, and Doris, at Professor Dalton's house for an end of the semester celebration. Not really a party, but just a get together to have some fun. Professor Dalton, Corie, is a widow who lost her cop husband during a store robbery. At the party, Lana finds Corie's Ouija board hidden away on a shelf and breaks it out for some harmless fun.

Yeah, right. Not in a Laymon book.

From the moment Butler sends them to the mountains things go from Bad to worse in no time. Being chased through the woods by a madman, our students do not give up on their quest. Also, we get to witness Howard and Angela falling in love through the course of the book.

Chad, Corie's ex-brother-in-law pops up in the book after being out of Corie's life for five years. Love sparks fly, and then they join up to track the students down, and end up being pursued by the madman as well.

The final act is nail-biting, and intense. A true page turner, much like all of Laymon's books.

I can't delve too deep into the book for this review because I would give too much away. Dear reader, you must read this for yourself to experience the terror.

And no matter what, protect A.L.

- Krist

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