The End?

For awhile, yes. In this crazy world of podcasts many have come and gone. We are thankful that Diabolical Radio has been one of the few to stick around. A few years back this show started as a "fun hobby" by Krist and Joe Grotesque, slowly it grew to become a fun cult show surprisingly adored by many horror fans as well as comic book nerds and avid book readers. The range of our listeners is pretty impressive. But sadly, the show must leave for awhile. Schedules conflict, people get older, kids get older, school's nearly drain you, and there are movies to be made and stories to be written. So, for a short while, Diabolical Radio will be gone. Well, not really, there are three years worth of archived episodes for you to enjoy.

Thanks again to all the guests and all you dear listeners that has made Wednesday nights so much damn fun.

- The Diabolical Radio Team.

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