The Frenzy Way - A review

The Frenzy Way by Gregory Lamberson

Let me start off by saying I love werewolves. My favorite supernatural monster and has been since I was kid and saw The Howling for the first time. As I've grown older I've seen my fair share of awful movies and read just as many if not more awful books. Some of the few books that I've enjoyed are all three books of The Howling series and The Wereling. Now, I can add The Frenzy Way to that list.

A rundown of the plot:
Anthony Mace, the heroic captain of an NYPD homicide unit, is a media darling because of his successful record in apprehending serial killers. However, the trail of murders he's investigating now are in fact caused by some..thing that isn't human.

I read another one of Lamberson's books, Personal Demons a few months back, and thought it was a good book with good build up to a powerful climax - This title was originally written several years ago. After reading The Frenzy Way, his most recent work, I must say he has seriously grown as a writer. His prose soars across the page without being repetitive or boring. I don't like it when writers tell a story in such a way that they appear to be saying: "Read this....see? I'm a writer!!!" There are several authors that make this mistake. Lamberson wrote a lengthy book here without falling into that circle. I was very impressed at the amount of detail and obvious research that he put into the story. That is something truly lacking in a lot of books today. Most of them are just page-turners without much build up and what backstory that is put into some of these books is rushed and incoherent.

Thank god that Greg didn't take this route. He wrote a powerfully exciting book, with a great monster, and a realistic hero. For once after reading a book I'm actually "hoping" for a series to develop with the character of Anthony Mace. I was rooting for him all the way through.

Be sure to pick up this book when it's available in June through Medallion Press.

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