The pic that's caused all the chaos!!!

Here is the picture of Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's H2(which has now reverted back to Halloween 2). Krist has mentioned it on the show on a few occasions and the emails that we have received expressing their opinions have been pretty mixed. Here's the pic, you be the judge. Here is Krist's opinion: "I for one truly believe taking something and making it your own is the way to go. But, with an icon such as Myers, it almost seems as if Zombie is treading on thin ice. He's too well known and popular to change drastically. He's taking a big gamble by making his iconic mask look like this. Having said that, I guess it's really no different than taking Jason Voorhees and turning him into a zombie killer like Tom McLaughlin did in Friday the 13th part 6 - Jason Lives, So I'll hold out on commenting until the end of August when the movie is released."

We here at Diabolical Radio wish for the best and hope that there is enough left over to repair the damage that may or may not be caused when horror fans go to the theaters at the end of the Summer.

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