This week Chace and Krist will discuss two movies that a lot of people for some reason or another have never heard of. The both of them have mentioned, in conversations with others, the titles of these movies only to be met with blank faces and confused responses. These two flicks are something that our co-hosts feel should be seen, even if you have to track down a bootleg.* The first movie will be: The Video Dead. An 80's zombie movie. Low budget, pure fun, great gore, and an ending you don't see coming.

The second is: My Science Project - A sci-fi comedy from the 80's starring Dennis Hopper, John Stockwell, and Fisher Stephens. This gem takes you on a true adventure through time and the halls of the high school. The jock, the nerdy, yet hot chick, and science freak all team up to battle Dinosaurs, cannibals, and Dennis Hopper is thrown in the middle of it all!!!

*Diabolical Radio does not support or endorse the purchasing of bootlegged content or bootlegging your own.

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